Portugal has been chosen as the host country for the World Youth Day (WYD), which will take place from August 1st to 6th, 2023.

The international editions of WYD are a religious and cultural event that brings together hundreds of thousands of young people from around the world for about a week.

The first edition took place in 1986 in Rome, initiated by Pope John Paul II, following the success of the gathering held in the same city in 1985 during the International Year of Youth.

An Inspirational Gathering

This international gathering of faith and devotion brings together young people from all around the world with the Pope, serving as a pilgrimage, a celebration of youth, an expression of the universal Church, and a powerful moment of evangelization for the youth. It presents itself as an invitation to a generation determined to build a more just and compassionate world. With a clear Catholic identity, it is open to all, whether they are closer or more distant from the Church.

Throughout a week, the young participants are mostly accommodated in public facilities (gyms, schools, pavilions) and parish houses or with host families. In addition to prayer, sharing, and leisure activities, they take part in various initiatives organized by the World Youth Day team. The highlights are the celebrations that include the presence of the Pope, such as the welcoming and opening ceremony, the Way of the Cross, the vigil, and on the final day, the closing Mass.

This event is one of the world’s largest youth gatherings, bringing great projection and visibility to Portugal. Many tourists, especially those arriving from distant destinations, will extend their stay throughout the month of August to explore the country.Regenerate response

Theme of WYD

“Mary arose and went with haste” (Luke 1:39) is the chosen biblical quote by Pope Francis as the theme of the World Youth Day, which will take place for the first time in Lisbon, the capital of Portugal. This biblical verse (a quote from the Gospel of Saint Luke) marks the beginning of the account of the Visitation (Mary’s visit to her cousin Elizabeth), a biblical episode that follows the Annunciation (the angel’s announcement to Mary that she would be the mother of the Son of God and was the theme of the last WYD in Panama).

WYD Logo

The logo of the World Youth Day Lisbon 2023, inspired by the theme “Mary arose and went with haste”, features the Cross as its central element. It is intersected by a pathway where the Holy Spirit emerges.

Official Schedule for Pope’s Visit
AUGUST 02 to 06

The World Youth Day is a transformative event that brings together young people from different cultures, languages, and backgrounds.
The visit of the Pope to Lisbon and Fátima during WYD 2023 will be a moment of profound inspiration and renewal for young Catholics.

Lisbon hosts most of the initiatives of this important international event, but Fátima presents a program with visits to the Sanctuary, workshops, and prayer proposals. Both cities will have the honor of receiving the Pope’s visit, making the event even more special.

The Sanctuary of Fátima is a place of great Marian devotion, where the Apparitions of the Virgin Mary took place in 1917. Since then, millions of pilgrims visit this Marian space of faith and prayer annually, seeking inspiration and spiritual comfort.

During WYD, young people will have the opportunity to participate in special moments of prayer and reflection at the Sanctuary of Fátima. The visit will take place on August 5th, at the chosen location whenever Pope Francis visits Portugal.

FÁTIMA | Saturday, August 5th
Lisbon / Fátima / Lisbon
08:00 – Helicopter departure from Figo Maduro Air Base in Lisbon to Fátima
08:50 – Arrival at Fátima Stadium
09:30 – Recitation of the Rosary with the Young Sick, at the Chapel of the Apparitions of the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Fátima
11:00 – Helicopter departure from Fátima Stadium to Lisbon
11:50 – Arrival at Figo Maduro Air Base in Lisbon

The website www.jmj2023.fatima.pt presents the dynamics and pilgrimage proposals aimed at young people who will participate in the World Youth Day in Lisbon.
The site aims to assist young people who intend to come to Fátima during WYD 2023 in planning their pilgrimage, getting to know the Sanctuary and the message of Fátima, and praying at the Cova da Iria.

Read the message of His Holiness Pope Francis and see the COMPLETE PROGRAM of the Apostolic Visit of His Holiness Pope Francis to Portugal, on the occasion of the World Youth Day Lisbon 2023.


The “Days in the Dioceses” (DnD), a gathering of young people from around the world before the WYD Lisbon 2023, will take place from July 26 to July 31, 2023.

This meeting will take place in 17 dioceses of Portugal and the islands of Madeira and Azores, from July 26th to 31st, 2023. In the Center of Portugal Region, the dioceses that are preparing initiatives are: Aveiro, Coimbra, Guarda, Leiria-Fátima, Castelo Branco e Viseu.

During these days, participants will have the opportunity to get to know the hosting region better, as well as the local Church and its specificities. They will be accommodated, similar to the WYD week, in host families, parish or public facilities, in order to experience a true sense of Church, evangelization, and mission.

The program for this week is built upon five pillars: welcome, discovery, mission, culture, and sending.

Each Diocesan Organizing Committee (DOC) organizes the activities for this week, taking into account the reality of their communities, their potential, cultural and natural riches, and more.

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Together for a more sustainable World Youth Day

Pope Francis challenges us to create a youthful event that is vibrant and powerful. Therefore, it is with a fresh and creative, yet clear and responsible mindset, that we must look at WYD Lisbon 2023.

The Holy Father tells us that “everything is connected. Concern for the environment must therefore be linked to sincere love for our fellow human beings and an unwavering commitment to solving society’s problems.” WYD Lisbon 2023 will have at its core the concept of integral ecology.

The starting point for this commitment is each individual’s sobriety in the use of goods, as well as the honesty to do our best. May WYD Lisbon 2023 challenge us so that “each person leaves this encounter better than when they arrived” (Pope Francis to the young people organizing WYD Lisbon 2023, March 2022).

May WYD Lisbon 2023 be a reference in its commitment to sustainability and leave a lasting positive legacy in the territory, the community at large, the organizing team, partners, volunteers, and pilgrims.

Visit us in Fátima

In the universal simplicity of its message of Peace, Fátima is a space of silence and meditation.
Discover the history and monuments of a place called Cova da Iria.
Join us on this Journey!

Let us together build the most inspiring World Youth Day ever.
See you in August!


We are looking forward to welcoming you to this special gathering.
But please pay attention and protect yourself from the heat during your stay.
Here are some preventive measures to consider on high-temperature days:

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